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A joint filter is an excellent tool that many cannabis consumers use to improve the quality of their regular joints. These rolling paper filters are mouthpieces that help keep the end of a joint open even when it gets wet. They also enable joints to maintain their structure and serve many other functions. As a result, filter tips have become an essential tool for marijuana consumers, especially those who know how to roll a cannabis joint. Their popularity is attributed to the fact that many weed lovers prefer to use smoking joints and blunts. That being the case, every smoke shop owner should include various types of joint filter in their inventory. Since joint tips earn cannabis entrepreneurs incredible returns, many merchants in the marijuana industry get them in bulk. If you’re looking to follow suit, there are a few things you need to understand about joint filter tips. Fortunately, this article covers everything you need to know, from how to use them to where you can get the best deals on these smoke shop supplies.

What are Joint Filters?
Filter tips, otherwise known as crutches, are small pieces of material that smokers place at the end of a joint or blunt to act as a mouthpiece. Although some may find this tool insignificant, a joint tip can greatly improve the smoking experience. Many cannabis consumers use weed filter tips to protect their fingers from burns.

A joint tip also prevents plant matter like loose marijuana particles and resin away from a smoker’s mouth. Frequent tokers can attest that these plant materials have an icky taste which can ruin the smoking experience. Some joint mouthpiece tips also block harmful carcinogens and toxins from reaching a consumer’s lungs. Filters for joints come in an array of designs. One of the most prevalent types is hand-rolled crutches. These are DIY filters usually made from manila paper, thin cardboard, or other suitable materials. Different brands also have filter tips made using various materials, including hemp, silicone, and organic corn husk.

You can also opt to get glass or ceramic weed filter for your smoke shop. Although these cannabis filter tips cost more than regular ones, they are reusable. Similarly, you can also stock up on blunt filter tips. They are bigger than a standard joint filter to accommodate larger blunt wraps.

How to Use Joint Filter Tips
Using a joint tip may seem relatively straightforward, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. When attempting to use a filter for a joint, most people roll them into cylindrical shapes. Does it work? Sure. However, the opening in the center of the marijuana filter is large enough to allow tiny pieces of plant matter to pass through. Furthermore, the cylindrical shape is not sturdy in the middle. As a result, it can easily be pinched shut. The best way to use a filter for weed is by adding a few folds on one side before rolling it up. This way, the center of the weed filter mouthpiece will keep plant material and resin at bay. It may require some practice before perfecting, but it’s worth it.

To start, make small folds on one end of the joint filter paper. Some crutch materials even have creases on one side to make folding easier. You can create “M” or “V” shapes in the middle for better efficiency.

Once you’ve made the folds, wrap the remaining part of the joint filter around them to secure them in place. You may find that the filter tips will want to unravel when you place them on your papers for joints. This unwinding will help the filter fit snugly at the end of your joint and prevent it from falling off.

Where to Buy Joint Filter Tips
Marijuana Packaging is the go-to store to stock up on joint filter tips. Choosing a wholesale supplier for your smoke shop is a significant move. Picking a store that’s not ideal could lead to a world of problems, such as acquiring poor-quality products. This could be detrimental to your brand and even cause the downfall of your business. Our store is an industry leader in smoke shop supplies and provides plenty of perks to business owners. For this reason, you can be sure to get premium quality products and excellent service when shopping at Marijuana Packaging. Here are a few things your online smoke shop stands to benefit from when sourcing filter tips from us.

The Best Prices
Our store carries some of the most affordable joint filter on the market. For this reason, getting these smoking essentials from our store will help your business increase profitability. Furthermore, our low wholesale costs will enable you to reduce your retail prices, giving you a competitive edge over other smoke shops by helping you attract more clients and increase sales. A Variety of Product Another reason why you should let us handle your supply of filter tips is our wide variety of products. Nothing demonstrates a company’s dedication to its clients like offering a diverse range of high-quality products. Our excellent collection of filters for joints includes biodegradable joint tips, activated carbon pellet filters, and much more. You can also find terpene-infused filters, which go well with flavored rolling papers.

Live Support
Our store also offers around-the-clock support for smoke shop owners who want to stock up on dispensary supplies. On our website, we have a live chat function that clients can utilize to get assistance or make inquiries about the products in our store. Our website is also easy to navigate and allows customers to make quick bulk orders.

Are you considering customizing your filters? Try custom rolling papers to promote your brand and gain more exposure. You can reach out to our custom design team for any questions you might have about these tasks.

Joint Filters – The Bottom Line
A filter for weed is an indispensable tool that joint, spliff, and blunt fanatics cherish deeply. These filter tips are paramount for improving the smoking experience, making them a must-have for many weed consumers. Ergo, smoke shop owners should ensure they stock up on the best filter tips to attract customers and increase sales. Ensure you visit our store for all your wholesale filter tip needs and a wide variety of other smoke shop accessories.

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