Rolling Papers
Rolling papers are a beloved staple in the cannabis industry. Rapper Wiz Khalifa loves them so much he titled an album Rolling Papers, which features the hit song “Roll Up.” There are a few consumer favorite joint paper brands out there but, just how we all take our coffee differently, everyone has their personal favorite brand, size, and even flavor (or lack thereof). Thankfully, we carry a vast range of the very best rolling papers on the market – from OG brands to new kids on the block.

Speaking of OG brands, RAW’s unrefined hemp rolling papers are some of the most well-known in the world – as well as on our website and in the United States. RAW has created a lifestyle around their health-conscious, vibey brand. But there are a whole host of other cherished joint rolling paper brands, and we’re going to highlight some of our favorites and customers’ favorites throughout this piece.

Many marijuana rolling papers are actually also cigarette rolling papers. Zig-Zag’s, for instance, are widely advertised as cigarette rolling papers. This is partially because they were originally invented and used as cigarette paper long before they became a staple in the cannabis world – since the 1800s! These days, many famous tobacco rolling paper brands like Zig-Zag are used for rolling marijuana joints.

Even as the modern cannabis community embraces the convenience of pre-rolls, there’s still a large demographic that prefers to roll their own. Rolling your own joint is an art form that adds personalization to the entire smoking experience – even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly. Connoisseurs can often roll impressively well, and can be known to have strong feelings about their preferred and disliked rolling paper brands.

But hey, what is the cannabis industry if not competitive, right? Stoners can be overly particular when it comes to smoking weed – from the strain to the smoking method to who’s invited to the circle. That’s why we carry such a wide range of the best rolling papers for joints – we totally understand being particular about weed, which includes being particular about how you’re smoking it. Follow along with us as we talk more about our collection of the best joint papers in the industry, which also happen to be cheap rolling papers in terms of their pricing on our site.

What Are Rolling Papers?
Rolling papers or smoking papers are typically small rectangles (the “classic” 1 ¼ size from RAW is 83mm x ~ 32mm) of various fibrous materials that are used for rolling joints. They’re essentially little pieces of joint wrapping paper! Joint rolling paper is used by cannabis businesses and consumers alike, although the latter of the two tend to use them more frequently these days.

These days, cannabis operations have pre rolled cones, which are rolling papers formed into tapered cone shapes with filters/tips in place (funnily enough, though, cones typically need to be rolled by hand). We also have cone filling machines such as the Futurola Knockbox family, which can fill hundreds of joints in no time at all. But it wasn’t always this way.

Before you could order wholesale pre rolled cones and filling machines, companies rolled by hand. You’ll still find amazing, niche cannabis companies who are tenderly hand rolling their pre rolls, but once a company gets big enough, most invest in a filling machine or two. But when it comes to individual cannabis consumers, hand rolling is still a popular practice, especially amongst connoisseurs.

That’s why it pays to stock an array of smoking rolling paper options in your dispensary or smoke shop – you may not be hand rolling joints out back, but you definitely want to have options stocked when people search “rolling papers near me.” When they pick up a slice of Strawberry Cough, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pack of Juicy Jay’s Strawberry rolling paper to suggest?

Many types of rolling paper used to be, still function as, or are similar to cigarette wraps – AKA papers for hand rolling cigarettes. Zig-Zag joint paper has a rich and meaningful history behind their brand that started when a French soldier sat down for a smoke after a battle in the Crimean War and his pipe was hit by a stray bullet. Not wanting to give up, he ripped a piece of paper from his gunpowder bag and used it as a tobacco rolling paper to hand roll a cigarette.

Years later, two French brothers formed their tobacco rolling paper brand and utilized the image of the soldier as their branding, which has since become famous around the world. In 1992, the artist Dr. Dre collaborated with Zig-Zag to use the famous design as part of his cover art for his album “The Chronic,” which eventually went triple platinum. This helped Zig-Zag secure a spot in popular culture and form an association with cannabis that has strongly prevailed to this day.

What Types Of Rolling Papers Are Available?
We carry 10 amazing and diverse rolling paper brands that are renowned for their various premium qualities. Some are flavored, some are natural, some are made from hemp paper, some are made from rice paper. There are also many joint paper sizes, ranging from 70mm long to 110mm. The most common and classic wholesale rolling papers in our collection are 83/84mm, which are also known as “1 ¼s.”

Let’s take a super quick look at each of our weed rolling paper brands and the specialty joint rolling paper creations they have to offer. We aren’t going to go in depth on all of them, just a few, but each brand deserves a shoutout. But if you’re looking for something with an ultra-personal touch, we also make custom rolling papers that can feature your branding!

Quick Note: You won’t find any nicotine or tobacco paper in our collection – only premium, incredible, generally health-conscious brands. Tobacco paper requires a special tobacco resale license that most cannabis businesses either can’t obtain or don’t feel like obtaining. Plus, there has been a general movement away from nicotine and tobacco cigarette paper in the cannabis industry over recent years.

RAW Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers
RAW is one of the most well-known household names in the world of cannabis. They were formed by Josh Kesselman in the late 1990s after he decided the world needed “healthier,” less processed cigarette rolling papers. Thus, the famous unrefined hemp pre roll papers were born after a trip to Alcoy, Spain, where the first rolling paper factories were established.

These days, RAW’s hemp rolling papers are widely regarded as the best hemp rolling papers in the world, and our customers certainly seem to love them, as well. Their 1 ¼ size weed wrapping paper is interleaved in small rectangular packs for easy access – an efficient design that most other brands also use. We carry a vast range of RAW papers in all shapes and sizes.

OCB Natural Fiber Weed Rolling Paper
OCB is a prolific smoking rolling paper brand that utilizes hemp, flax, bamboo, and more for their natural smoking paper. We carry 12 different OCB weed wrapping paper options for retail display, wholesale use, and more. The OCB rolling papers brand is beloved worldwide and is sold on six different continents.

Elements Rice Weed Rolling Paper
Elements papers is a well-known brand that uses rice paper to create their exceptional joint rolling paper. Rice paper burns evenly with almost no ash at all and no flavors, resulting in clean, efficient, and authentic cannabis smoking experiences.

Zig-Zag Joint and Cigarette Rolling Papers
Zig Zag papers are made from a mixture of (or just one or two of) hemp, flax, hardwood, and soft wood to create their world-renowned weed and tobacco rolling paper. Formed by the Braunstein brothers in 1879, the two went on to invent and win an award for the now-commonplace interleaved paper packet. It’s actually the same packaging method used for tissues and tin foil sheets – you pull one out and the other pops up, ready to be plucked when you need it.

Juicy Jay’s Flavored Hemp Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay papers are known as the best flavored rolling papers on the market – they’re dipped in soy-based flavors three times for “3x the taste.” We carry 10 different Juicy Jay weed rolling paper varieties: Strawberry, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Black Magic, Licorice, Very Cherry, Watermelon, Pineapple, White Grape, Coconut, and Blueberry. There’s truly something for everyone!

Vibes Bulk Rolling Papers
We carry a few different varieties of Vibes smoking wrapping paper options, including their rice, hemp, and unbleached paper choices. In addition to Vibes papers, we also carry their awesome filters/tips!

Canna Wraps Natural Weed Wrapping Paper
We stock two varieties of Canna Wraps awesome 1 ¼ marijuana rolling papers: unbleached ultra fine and naturally-white rice paper. Unlike some of the other brands, Canna Wraps is very obviously advertised as weed rolling paper.

Shine Edible 24K Gold Joint Paper
Shine’s premium 24K Gold smoking paper is the epitome of luxury. The safe-to-smoke 24K edible gold burns slow and even, not to mention it’s fit for royalty. People go CRAZY when they see Shine rolling papers at smoke shops.

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers
People RAVE about Randy’s rolling papers all the time. They’re the original wired rolling paper, which is a regular rolling paper that includes a stainless steel wire for holding the tip of the joint when it gets too small to hold. This reduces burnt fingers and makes the whole smoking experience easier.

Bob Marley Joint Rolling Paper
Bob Marley papers are joyous – each packet features a quote from the famous and beloved musician.

How To Use Joint Paper
Roll your own cigarette papers have been around for a long, long time and have since made their way into our cannabis industry. But even though they’re a super established product, they can sometimes be incredibly tricky to use, especially for novices. For that reason, some of the best rolling papers brands make little rolling machines. But for those who wish to truly roll their own, here’s an easy step-by-step.

Step 1
Remove a joint rolling paper from its pack, grind up some of your favorite weed strain, and either make a filter using a thick paper (business cards work well) or grab a premade filter.

Step 2
Lay the paper down on a rolling tray or clean surface and place the filter at one end. Don’t worry if it moves around a bit, but try to keep the end of the filter lined up with the edge of the paper, and it should be resting in the crease of the paper.

Step 3
Carefully sprinkle/place ground weed into the crease – it should meet the filter on one end and spread toward the sides a bit as it reaches the other end. Leave about a centimeter of the other end empty.

Step 4
Once you’ve added your desired amount of weed, carefully lift the open joint and hold it by pinching around the filter on the outside of the paper. This will cause the sides to lift a bit, keeping the weed inside. Use your fingers to gently pinch and roll the joint between them – this is to form and shape the weed into more of a cylindrical shape. Next, the trickiest part begins.

Step 5
Do your best to pinch and roll one side of the paper into/around the now-shaped weed within. Once one side is folded over the weed and is touching the inside of the other, do your best to roll the rest of the paper around the forming joint, paying special attention to wrapping it as tightly as possible around the filter. The rest of the paper should also be fairly taught around the weed.

Step 6
Hold the joint with the open end up in one hand and use the eraser end of a pencil, a chopstick, or a packing stick to gently tamp down the weed inside. Be careful not to pack it too tightly, though, or airflow will be restricted and make it hard to drag.

Step 7
Twist off the open end of the joint and voila! You’ve done it. Even if it’s messy, don’t give up! Rolling is an art that takes a lot of practice.

If you’ve tried over and over and are getting frustrated with the rolling process, you’re not alone. You can either try out a hand rolling machine OR you can choose to go with pre rolled joint papers – AKA pre rolled cones. Cones are already formed into the classic tapered joint shape, making it easy for you to sprinkle weed into the open end, twist it off, and spark up!

Don’t forget: RYO cigarettes used to be the norm until pre rolled cigarettes came about in the late 1800s. If you’re not into rolling your own, you’ll be happy to hear that the cannabis industry is headed in a similar direction as the tobacco industry over a century ago. Pre rolled joints are selling like hot cakes already and will likely continue to proliferate and become increasingly available.

Does My Business Need Rolling Papers?
If you’re running a smoke shop, you absolutely, 100% need to stock a range of the best rolling papers. Wholesale rolling papers are affordable and incredibly popular among cannabis consumers – if you don’t have them in your shop, they’ll immediately take notice. Even if your shop is focused on and even named for the theme of glass pipes and bongs, stocking various joint paper brands is still a must.

Cannabis unites us all, but everyone has their picky preferences about, well, everything that’s involved in smoking it. Some will argue until they’re blue in the face that RAW papers are the absolute best joint papers while another person cuts them off, saying that RAW has nothing on Elements. A third will chip in and say “But what about the ultimate classic, the 140 year old brand Zig-Zag?” Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks that their brand makes the best joint papers ever.

We recommend ordering multiple bulk rolling papers brands, regardless of your own personal favorite, to satiate your diverse customer base. Plus, cheap rolling papers are great to keep near the register to catch people’s eye as a last minute purchase. Maybe they’ll remember their last pack just ran out, or maybe they’ll think “hey, I should give rolling papers a try.” Better still, when people are actively searching “rolling papers near me,” they’ll be directed right to your shop.

Where To Buy Smoking Paper Wholesale
No matter what kind of marijuana rolling papers or cigarette rolling papers you’re looking for (and remember, most function as both), we have something for you and your business in our wholesale shop. Buying joint paper online is easy as can be thanks to our extensive collection and competitive wholesale rolling papers pricing. Also, our price beat guarantee definitely doesn’t hurt when you’re on the hunt for cheap rolling papers.

That being said, the bulk rolling papers in our collection are anything but cheap in quality – they’re only cheap in cost. The smoking paper brands we choose to feature make some of the best rolling papers for joints in the entire cannabis industry. Names like RAW, Zig-Zag, OCB, Elements, and Juicy Jay’s are widely regarded as some of the top rolling papers around the world, and we’re incredibly proud to be a certified seller.

In addition to all of the weed wrapping paper and tobacco rolling paper in our collection, we also carry premade tips/filters, rolling trays, and hand rolling machines from some of the best rolling papers brands. You can stock your shop with a whole family of rolling products from trusted, beloved companies all at once when you shop here at Marijuana Packaging.

Rolling Papers – The Bottom Line
Weed rolling paper and tobacco paper have been around for what feels like forever, and many of the oldest brands command the industry’s respect because of their enduring prowess. But although the practice of rolling your own smoking wrapping paper is old, it’s still as prevalent as ever today. There’s something ritualistic, satisfying, and challenging about rolling joints that will never go out of style.

If you’ve been hunting for healthy, authentic smoking options, we highly recommend going with rice or hemp pre roll papers. Rice and hemp paper are renowned for burning evenly and with very little added taste – plus, they’re typically organic and natural! If you’re looking to spice things up, definitely check out Juicy Jay’s family of flavored weed wrapping paper, which is actually also one of the best hemp rolling papers brands!

No matter what you’re looking for or what you’re hoping to stock your shop with, you simply can’t go wrong when you shop our smoking rolling paper collection. While you’re there, we also carry a range of tobacco and nicotine-free blunt wraps and blunt paper that you may want to check out, as well!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rolling Papers
How To Roll A Blunt With Paper
NEVER ever roll a blunt with regular paper. Only use paper that is made specifically for smoking. Do not use composition paper, newspaper, printer paper, or any type of paper made for other purposes.

Where To Buy Joint Papers
There is no better place to buy joint papers than Marijuana Packaging. We have the widest variety of choices, plus a price beat guarantee!

How Long Do Joints Last
This really depends on how much you pack into your joint, what the joint is made from, and other factors. Rice papers are known to burn more evenly and slowly than all other kinds of papers. However, hemp papers are sturdier than rice papers and burn slower than wood pulp papers. Wood pulp papers burn the fastest. An average joint can last from five to twelve minutes.

How To Smoke Weed Without Rolling Paper
The best way to smoke weed without rolling papers is to place the bud in a pipe, bong, or flower vape. It’s never safe to put your weed in paper that is not meant for smoking, like printer paper. There are also nifty ways you can smoke weed without papers, like using an apple!

How To Properly Smoke A Joint
Smoking a joint is pretty easy. All you have to do is place the side with a filter (or the smaller side) to your lips and light the opposite end. Breathe in while you do this to help the joint ignite properly. You can mildly wave the joint back and forth if a flame forms to make it die down a bit. You only want a “cherried” amber end, not a full flame. Inhale your lit joint and exhale. Now you’re doing it!

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