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Rolling trays are one the most essential smoking accessories for any cannabis consumer who enjoys flower. But the thing is – rolling trays aren’t just for rolling joints and blunts. A rolling tray set is used as a clean base upon which consumers can grind, portion, examine, and pack their flower into a whole range of smoking devices. Just as bits of herb can tumble out of rolling papers as you’re packing a joint, they also tend to spill when you’re packing bong bowls, hand pipes, bubblers, dry herb vapes, and more. No matter how someone enjoys their flower, a weed rolling tray is a crucial tool.

Although a smoking tray may seem like just a smoking tray to many of us, cannabis consumers are notorious for seeking personalization in their smoking accessories. And the thing about someone’s chosen weed tray is that it’s usually a piece of their home decor as well as a weed packing tool. Most tokers keep them near or on their coffee tables, nightstands, living room shelves, or somewhere else convenient and visible. For that reason, it definitely pays to keep a range of rolling tray designs in your smoke or head shop. People will come looking for interesting, quirky, novelty, trippy rolling trays and you don’t want to be caught without options.

Our wholesale rolling trays collection is an expanse of rolling tray varieties. We carry everything from beautiful, brand inspired rolling trays in fan favorite designs to novelty, television show inspired bulk rolling trays. Whether you need to liven up your store’s collection or you’re just starting out and need to stock some of the basics, we have all the very best rolling trays that smokers and tokers come looking for on a daily basis.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at our wholesale rolling trays collection and more on rolling trays in general.

What Are Rolling Trays?
A rolling tray can come in many different varieties but all have the same basic idea and offer similar benefits. First things first: a marijuana tray isn’t technically only for marijuana. Many roll-your-own cigarette and tobacco pipe smokers use a rolling tray kit, as well, for the very same reason tokers rely on them: to keep their ground herbs contained on a clean surface as they pack their chosen smoking device. But even though you could call them tobacco rolling tray varieties, we’re mainly going to focus on their use by the cannabis community – we are Marijuana Packaging, after all!

When you walk into any common head shop, you’ll mostly see metal rolling tray designs. A metal rolling tray is the classic standard because of the material’s hardy resilience. Plus, the smooth, often coated surfaces of a metal joint rolling tray or blunt tray are easy to clean. Your typical metal rolling trays bulk largely resemble smallish cafeteria trays – rectangular trays with raised edges to keep the contents inside. However, most weed rolling tray varieties don’t have various compartments like most cafeteria trays do.

That being said, there are a few cool rolling trays in our collection that do have compartments for storing flower and various smoking accessories like papers, lighters, and filters. We even have a cute rolling tray kit from Afghan Hemp, which is a rolling tray with lid attachments that comes with hemp wick and rolling papers included. There are other portable rolling tray varieties like that one with a lid, although most of them are simply mini rolling tray designs that are easier to fit in backpacks, purses, gloveboxes, etc. than large rolling tray designs.

A large metal weed tray is generally the most common choice for tokers who smoke at home most often. But even then, most serious cannabis consumers will likely at least have an additional small rolling tray set to take on the go. As we mentioned in the introduction, someone’s large home rolling tray will typically remain in their home as both a piece of decor and a smoking accessory. Plus, they’re just too big to tote around various smoke circles. But an additional small rolling tray, which is typically also a cheap rolling tray, is almost always hidden somewhere in their car or go bag – you never know when you’ll want to roll up, and not having a proper surface is the best way to spill and waste a bunch of nug.

What Types Of Rolling Trays Are Available?
Our rolling trays bulk collection is 35 products strong and boasts a range of plain rolling trays to cool rolling trays to trippy rolling trays. In addition to the numerous and fanciful rolling tray designs, we also carry a few different rolling tray sizes to accommodate every kind of cannabis consumer, from those on the go to those posted up on the couch and everything in between.

Why don’t we go brand by brand (we carry five different brands of rolling trays in bulk) and quickly touch on what each one has to offer? Each metal rolling tray is so unique and they all deserve at least a brief shout out.

Afghan Hemp
We carry one Afghan Hemp rolling tray, which we actually already briefly touched on in the last section. It’s our only rolling tray with lid attachments and it’s also our only technical rolling tray set – it comes with a spool of Afghan Hemp hemp wick and two different sizes of their premium hemp rolling papers. It’s actually also our only magnetic rolling tray (the lid stays on magnetically). This particular marijuana rolling tray is a size small and measures at 6 x 9 inches.

We carry six RAW rolling tray varieties, though some are the same design just in different sizes.

1. RAW Classic Metal Rolling Tray

This simplistic weed rolling tray design resembles the packaging of RAW’s classic unrefined rolling papers. The background is a light honey wheat color emblazoned with “RAW” in bright red and a decal that looks like a piece of string wrapped around the tray like a present. It comes in sizes mini (5 x 7), small (11 x 7), large (13 x 11), and XXL (20 x 15).

2.RAW Gold & Black Weed Tray

This sought-after RAW black gold rolling tray is an intense twist on the classic ones we just discussed. The design is pretty much the same except switch out the honey wheat background for a jet black one and switch the red lettering to gold. It’s a size small rolling tray (11 x 7), which, if you haven’t noticed by now, can vary in measurement from brand to brand.

3. RAW Prepare For Flight Weed Tray

This size large rolling tray (13 x 11) is one of our favorite RAW products in our entire online store. Against a slightly cloudy sky background, the clever folks at RAW created an image of an airplane that has a joint as the main cabin body. In the bottom right corner, it says “prepare for flight,” which is a pretty obvious nod to those who are about to get high in the sky after rolling up on this delightfully cute rolling tray.

OCB Wholesale Rolling Trays
We carry three different rolling tray designs from OCB that each come in two sizes: medium (11.3 x 7.4) and large (14 x 11.3). The first OCB rolling tray is called “Always Sticks Sea Monster Rolling Tray” and features a curious and gigantic sea creature holding up and examining a sailboat. The second is unique artist design that features beautiful, mythical-looking drawings with a serene woman as the main focal point. The third is called “Cafe Culture Rolling Tray” and is a complex, slightly trippy scene of what appears to be various people and creatures enjoying an outdoor Parisian cafe.

Zig Zag Bulk Rolling Trays
We carry seven Zig Zag smoking tray varieties, although two are the same design in different sizes. Zig Zag is one of the oldest rolling papers brands in the world and, as such, their rolling papers and trays are widely popular. Let’s take a look at each variety.

1. Zig Zag Classic Orange Rolling Tray

This classic smoking tray comes in both small (10.75 x 6.5) and large (13.4 x 10.8) sizes. The half white, half orange background and black rimmed edges feature the famous Zig Zag smoking man on the left and the words “Zig Zag, Slow-Burning, Smokin’ Since 1879,” in gold and black lettering on the right.

2. Zig Zag Orange Rolling Tray

This all orange, size small (10.75 x 6.5) rolling tray features similar imagery to the orange and white one from above. The main difference is that the imagery is vertical instead of horizontal! It’s a very simple, classic choice from a classic brand.

3. Zig Zag Black Rolling Tray

This smoking tray is ultra-simple. It’s a size small (10.75 x 6.5) and is all black with gold lettering that just reads “Zig Zag.”

4. Zig Zag White Rolling Tray

This beautiful weed tray, which is a size large (13.4 x 10.8), is one of the most popular and best rolling trays in our collection. It mimics the packaging from their classic white rolling papers, which is all too intricate to detail here. You may just need to take a look at the delicate design for yourself.

5. Zig Zag Paper Mix Rolling Tray

This size large (13.4 x 10.8) cute Zig Zag rolling tray is printed with a picture of a pile of all the various Zig Zag rolling paper varieties. It’s very collage-like and clearly represents much of what the brand has to offer.

6. Zig Zag Tie-Dye Rolling Tray

This large (13.4 x 10.8) rolling tray features a rainbow tie-dye background topped with white lettering that says “Zig Zag.” These are some of the best trippy rolling trays in our collection.

We carry nine Str8 rolling trays in bulk, but like Zig Zag and RAW, many are the same design in different sizes. Let’s take a look!

1. Rollin’ Rasta Weed Rolling Tray

This rolling tray comes in sizes mini (7.7 x 6.1), small (11.5 x 7.2), and large (14.6 x 11.8) and is fairly simple yet interesting. On a black background sits a rasta colored, almost digital looking design. It’s an uncomplicated but intriguing choice.

2. Stoney Penguins Rolling Tray

These cool rolling trays come in small (11.5 x 7.2) and large (14.6 x 11.8) sizes and feature adorably trippy imagery of penguins swimming between icebergs beneath a dusty pink sky.

3. Spirit of Detroit Rolling Tray

One of two rolling trays with compartments in our collection, this awesome rolling tray kit is a must have for serious stoners. It comes with either a white or black background with a unique white or black emblem and multiple compartments for smoking accessories. You can get it in either small (9 x 6.7) or large (14 x 9.2) sizes. These are the only plastic rolling tray varieties in our collection.

4. Motown Fist Mini Rolling Tray

This mini (7.7 x 6.1) smoking tray features a light green and purple image of a fist on a white background.

Do You Make Custom Weed Rolling Trays?
Yes! While it’s always a good idea to stock a range of the most popular rolling trays in bulk, ordering custom rolling trays is a great way to get your brand out there. A 420 rolling tray from a well-known brand is cool, sure, but a rolling tray emblazoned with your unique designs and branding is no doubt way cooler. Plus, as we said, people tend to keep these things laying around their houses or cars, meaning your name will linger in their peripheral vision for weeks on end.

Our custom rolling trays are actually cardboard, not metal. They’re the perfect promotional items to give away or charge a very small amount for in your smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary because of their inexpensive design. They come totally flat with pre-marked fold lines and can be folded and propped up for customers to use as either a joint or blunt rolling tray!

We also provide branded rolling papers to businesses looking to promote their company. Please visit our website to learn more about the possibilities to customize these products today.

Does My Head Shop Need Rolling Trays?
As a head shop, your main focus is obviously glass smoking devices such as bongs, dab rigs, pipes, bubblers, and all that jazz. Since they’re called “rolling trays,” you may not think you need to stock any because your shop isn’t focused on rolling accessories. But remember how we went over that wholesale rolling trays are often used by flower smokers of all kinds, not just by those actually using one as a joint tray or roller tray? Packing ground cannabis flower into the tiny glass bowls that sit in bong downstems or at the end of glass spoon pipes can quickly and easily become messy, but a handy dandy marijuana tray can take those troubles away.

That being said, your head shop is focused on glassware, so you definitely don’t need to place a gigantic rolling tray wholesale order. Although, like with almost everything else in our store, buying rolling trays in bulk is a great way to save money and stock up so you don’t need to place frequent orders or worry about running out. You likely don’t need to order each and every style of rolling trays bulk varieties from our collection, but ordering a smattering of them, especially the cheap rolling tray options, is definitely a good idea.

If you operate a smoke shop, however, you should definitely be placing rolling tray wholesale orders to keep your customers satisfied. Smoke shops are different from head shops in that they have a much broader focus on all kinds of smoking accessories, not just glassware. While it may be frustrating if a head shop doesn’t have any cool rolling trays to choose from, it would be ludicrous if a smoke shop didn’t have a wide variety of all the best rolling trays.

Where To Buy Weed Trays Wholesale?
As you hopefully gleaned from our long discussion about the various rolling trays for sale in our vast collection, we are the very best place to fulfill all of your rolling tray wholesale needs. We carry all of the top rolling tray bulk options from some of the best and most well-known smoking brands. If you’re going to trust a rolling tray set, wouldn’t you want it to be from the masters of rolling themselves at companies like Zig Zag and RAW? And wouldn’t you want to buy weed trays for sale from the top cannabis packaging company in the industry? (Hint: we’re the best in the biz).

While our impressive collection of rolling trays bulk pretty much speaks for itself, there are a few other reasons why our customers continue to come back and shop with us time and again. First of all, the ability to order custom weed rolling tray designs isn’t something that all companies offer. Second of all, our price beat guarantee on our already super affordable bulk rolling trays means that you’ll always get the lowest prices on cool rolling trays when you shop with us. Third of all, our ultra-fast shipping means that even when you’re in a pinch, you never have to search “rolling trays near me” in a last minute effort to stock your shelves. We’ll have your metal and/or plastic rolling tray set order to you in no time at all.

Rolling Trays – The Bottom Line
Our wholesale rolling trays collection is the best place to shop for all of your marijuana rolling tray needs. From simplistic, brand-themed metal rolling tray varieties to a trippy magnetic rolling tray kit, there’s no doubt that we have the coolest and most diverse collection of rolling trays on the market. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your rolling trays bulk shopping easier – our team is always happy to lend a hand in the selection and customizing processes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rolling Trays
How To Make A Rolling Tray
You can make a rolling tray out of almost any flat product. You may use a notebook, a cutting board, or even your laptop! However, making a custom or cool tray from scratch is time-consuming. It’s much easier just to use any flat object in place of a real rolling tray, until you can get your hands on one!

What Can I Use As A Rolling Tray?
As stated above, you may use any flat object as a rolling tray. Just make sure it isn’t wet or damaged. A notebook, cutting board, novel, video game case, and shoeboxes all make great rolling trays. Many cannabis lovers opt to use shoeboxes, because you can break up the weed into them as well without worry about a mess.

Can I Put Concentrates On A Rolling Tray?
Yes, you may place concentrates on most rolling trays. Some concentrate lovers even use rolling trays as the base for them to use their nectar collectors or dab straws on!

How Much Do Rolling Trays Cost?
Rolling tray prices can vary based on the design. However, at Marijuana Packaging, we sell rolling trays for as little as $5.00.

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