Blunt Filter Tips
Using a blunt filter can shift the smoking experience. Filter tips create a barrier between your lips joint while boosting airflow and removing toxins.

There’s no need to smoke blunts until the cherry hits your fingertips. With a blunt filter, smokers can get optimal airflow down to the roach without burning yourself.

Those who prefer joints and blunt cones over bongs and pipes are undoubtedly familiar with the age-old debate surrounding tips for blunts — are they necessary or not? Many smokers prefer smoking without one, but there’s no denying the benefits of smoking tips for blunts. They help structure the blunt, prevent weed from getting into your mouth, and, more importantly, allow airflow.

Over the years, blunt filter tips evolved from their DIY form using cigarette packs, business cards, etc. These days, companies specializing in joint wraps launched their product line for crutches. Companies offer different types of blunt filter that use non-bleached, dye-free paperboard for an all-natural experience. Others have advanced toward reusable glass filters for blunts that you can clean. You can also find blunt tips made from cotton, similar to cigarettes.

The world of blunt filter tips is much bigger than anyone would expect. The variety of choices allows dispensaries and smokers to specify personal preferences. There’s even a blunt filter infused with terpene to enhance each toke. Needless to say, there’s a lot to choose from.

Below, we’ve created a breakdown of what you need to look for when purchasing filter tips for blunts.

What are Blunt Filters?
Blunt filter tips are small pieces of material that sit at the end of the joint. The blunt mouthpiece helps filter weed bits from entering your mouth and any carcinogens and toxins. Though it’s not necessarily essential for rolling up, blunt filter tips are better for your lungs and enhance the smoking experience.

Back in the day, people would create a filter for a blunt themselves with some thin paperboard, but that usually came from cartons using ink — not necessarily a healthy option. However, they’ve evolved to non-bleached versions from brands like RAW and OCB. Blunt tips these days come in many forms and shapes. Aluminum crutches with activated carbon pellets are easily one of the best options. It is a fantastic blunt filter that elevates airflow and removes nasty toxins. Then there are more stylish options, like FlowTips blunt tips that add shapes at the tip of your joint or blunt. Plus, these also contain terpenes that release with each hit.

How to Use Blunt Filter Tips
If you’re familiar with the concept of how to roll a joint, then you’re already familiar with the concept of using filter tips for blunts. There’s no difference between using them i in blunts vs. joints. Using a paperboard blunt filter, you’ll likely have to roll them into tiny cylinders. Some roll into a W shape at the tip, while others roll up like a yoga mat. However, there are pre-made options available catered for wraps for blunts.

The aluminum, glass, or cotton options form into your joint or blunt so that you can place them at the tip of your blunt without hassle. Each has its benefits, with more advancements to aid airflow and filtration.

Where to Buy Blunt Filter Tips
You can find any of your cannabis joint filter tips needs exclusively at Marijuana Packaging. We are a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs, whether compliant-friendly packaging, rolling papers, or flavored wraps.

We boast a wide range of blunt filter tips that are perfect for dispensaries looking to start rolling their pre-rolls in-house. Brands like RAW still have a stronghold in the industry. They are still one of the most trusted brands around when it comes to cannabis accessories. Then, there are the aluminum filters with activated charcoal from CTIP, which have recently won over many cannabis consumers. Additionally, brands like FlowTip enhance the smoking experience with terpene-infused filters. It’s hard not to appreciate each toke from your blunt.

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