Blunt Cones
Blunt cones’ role in the cannabis world has evolved over time as many people choose to move away from tobacco. Some cannabis consumers have even used marijuana or hemp to help wean themselves off of nicotine-rich tobacco products. This is where pre rolled blunt cones made from tobacco, and nicotine-free hemp paper, come in. While tobacco leaf blunt wraps are still beloved by many, hemp blunt cones offer a different, cannabis-derived consumption method.

Like pre rolled joint cones, pre rolled blunt cones make “rolling” and sparking up efficient and easy. Rolling blunts can be tricky, especially for cannabis novices, but blunt cones offer a way for people to pack their favorite strains into thick, heady blunts. Or, as a cannabis business, you can order blunt cones wholesale and manufacture your own pre rolled blunts for your shop!

Follow along as we go more in-depth about what pre rolled blunt cones are, which brands make the best blunt cones, and more information on purchasing wholesale blunt cones. We’ll also talk more about why hemp and other tobacco/nicotine-free cones are making a splash in the cannabis industry.

What Are Blunt Cones?
Blunt cones are blunt papers formed into a cone shape with a filter in place. “Blunt paper” has traditionally been made from tobacco leaves, but there’s been a shift toward tobacco/nicotine-free blunt paper in recent years. But blunts are the cigars of the cannabis industry – no one is willing to relinquish the unparalleled high from ripping a fat, dank blunt – nor should they! Thankfully, hemp and natural leaf blunt papers offer a natural solution for those choosing to move away from tobacco/nicotine products.

We don’t carry any tobacco leaf blunt cones or papers here at Marijuana Packaging, but we do have eight kinds of hemp and natural leaf pre rolled blunts for sale. Some have a natural, earthy taste and aroma, while others are enticingly flavored. A pre rolled, strawberry flavored, cone shaped blunt wrap? We’ll take 10, and it’s likely your customers will, as well.

Pre rolled blunt cones sell like hotcakes on their own, but there’s also a huge market for pre rolled blunts – as in blunt cones that are already filled, sealed, and ready to smoke. While cannabis manufacturers and distributors can pack blunts by hand, it’s a tedious and time-consuming process. But thankfully, you can also get a pre roll blunt machine that fills the cones for you! The best part is, our selection of cone filling machines work for joint and blunt cone filling!

What Are the Best Pre Rolled Blunts?
When people in your area type “pre rolled blunts near me” or “pre rolled blunt cone near me” into their browser, you’ll want to have them listed on your online menu. You want to make sure you have the best blunt papers for your consumers. Whether you’re looking to make your own pre rolled blunts or simply sell plain and flavored blunt cones, we have two brand recommendations for you: Futurola and Cyclones.

We carry two kinds of Futurola blunt cones: 109m King Size and 84mm 1 ¼ Size. Both cone varieties are made with tobacco and nicotine-free blunt paper, yet they retain the distinctively sweet flavors and aromas of true tobacco leaf blunt wraps. Additionally, both kinds of Futurola blunt cones are unflavored, come with filters in place, and are compatible with the Futurola Knockbox 3.

Now if you want flavored blunt cones, we’ve got quite the collection of delightfully flavored Cyclones blunt cones. We do carry their natural flavor, but we also carry the following Cyclones flavors: strawberry, blueberry, wonderberry, sugar cane, and grape. They’re all made from hemp paper and the wonderberry and sugar cane varieties are slow-burning!

If you’re a cannabis supplier and don’t make your own products, stocking pre rolled blunt cones is a great way to test the waters of your existing and potential customer base. Before you invest in a cone filling machine, buying blunt cones wholesale and seeing if they sell can clue you in to the needs of your consumers. When they search for pre rolled blunts online, you want to be a business that carries them for sure.

If you are going to be manufacturing your own pre rolled and filled blunts, you should also know that we make customizable pre roll blunt tubes. From sleek glass tubes with cork tops to biodegradable pop tops, there’s a pre roll tube for every style of business in our collection.

Where Can I Buy Pre Rolled Blunt Cones Wholesale?
Buying wholesale cannabis products has never been easier thanks to our vast selection of cannabis packaging and smoking accessories. Our fabulous selection of cone shaped blunt wraps are all available wholesale, just like most of our other products!

The two Futurola varieties come in 400 count cases, but the more you buy, the more you save! The unflavored Futurola pre rolled blunts for sale are some of the best blunt cones on the market – we seriously cannot recommend them enough. Many cannabis lovers out there don’t want their bud tainted by added flavors, and the Futurola pre rolled blunt cone varieties offer smooth, natural tastes.

The Cyclones are also available in bulk, but they come in 48 count cases with two natural or flavored blunt cones per tube. The Cyclones pre rolled blunts online are available in retail display rather than packaged for cannabis manufacturers making their own pre rolled blunts. They’re awesomely enticing products for cannabis dispensaries, though – many people love playing around with flavors and aromas in their toking routines. Cyclones are also some of the best blunt cones, which is why we carry so many flavor varieties in our pre rolled blunt cone shop.

Blunt Cones – The Bottom Line
Whether you’re looking for unflavored pre rolled blunt cones wholesale or flavored blunt cones in bulk, we’ve got you covered here at Marijuana Packaging. Plus, we also have a huge blunt paper selection for those customers who prefer to roll their own. Let’s get your shop stocked with all the best blunt goodies!

Frequently Asked Questions About
Cones vs Blunts
Cones are rolling papers formed into cones with filters at the skinny ends. When someone says “cone,” they’re likely talking about rice or hemp paper joint cones. But there are also pre rolled blunt cones, which are blunt wraps formed into cones with filters at the skinny ends. The difference is in the paper material and size of the cones. Blunt cones were traditionally made with tobacco leaves, but can be made with tobacco/nicotine-free blunt paper these days. Classic blunt cones are larger than classic joint cones, though both can vary greatly in specialty sizes.

How to Pack A Cone Blunt
Packing cone blunts by hand is easy but time-consuming – it takes 1 – 2 minutes per cone. You can either use a cone loader or hold it with your finger, sprinkle weed inside, and pat it down with a cone packer. If you’re commercially packing cone blunts, automatic cone filling machines expedite this task by a ridiculous amount. Cones filling machines can fill tens, dozens, even hundreds of cones in the same amount of time (2 minutes) it takes to pack one cone by hand.

How to Smoke A Pre Rolled Blunt
Smoking a pre rolled blunt is similar to smoking a joint. Start by “roasting” the twisted tip by holding the lighter to it and twisting the blunt in the flame. Once it begins to glow, bring the filter end to your lips and take a puff – kind of like trying to breathe through a straw. If it seems to need more lighting, hold the lighter up to the tip while you continue to inhale and twist the blunt in the flame for a 1 – 2 seconds. The blunt should be well lit at this point and you can continue taking puffs, ashing into an ashtray when needed.

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