Blunt Wraps
Blunts are a long-standing industry classic, beloved by a wide range of cannabis consumers – but they all have widely varying blunt preferences. Old school blunts, which are emptied out cigars filled with marijuana, aren’t for everyone. While some people greatly enjoy the flavors and aromas of tobacco leaf wraps and even leftover bits of tobacco, many modern cannabis consumers don’t – and they also stray away from the nicotine in tobacco. That’s where blunt wraps come in.

Tobacco cigar wraps are still widely sold in smoke shops and marijuana dispensaries across the nation, but there are also now a wide range of other smoking wraps. Hemp wraps, which are made from thin, often unbleached hemp paper, are particularly popular as a healthier option. Hemp paper also typically makes for organic blunt wraps thanks to the high standards placed upon legal hemp farmers in the U.S.

But there’s another reason why hemp leaf wraps are so popular as modern blunt wraps: hemp, like marijuana, is cannabis. While the terms “marijuana” and “cannabis” are used interchangeably, “cannabis” really refers to the cannabis Sativa plant, of which hemp and marijuana are the two variations. Many people really enjoy the notion of wrapping their psychoactive cannabis variant (marijuana) in a non-psychoactive cannabis variant (hemp).

Most non-tobacco weed wraps you come across will be made from hemp or palm leaves, and there are dozens upon dozens of varieties out there. Flavored hemp blunt wraps are wildly popular because they allow people to enjoy diverse smoking experiences and indulge in their favorite tastes and smells. There are even chocolate flavored hemp wraps out there! Infused CBD wraps are popular, as well, for their therapeutic benefits.

Keep reading to learn the lay of the land of tobacco-free blunt wraps, including how they often manage to satiate even dedicated tobacco lovers. We’ll also go over our collection of pre rolled blunt cones, which are similar to blunt wraps but are formed into tapered cones rather than cylinders. Our entire bulk blunt wraps collection is tobacco and nicotine-free.

What Are Blunt Wraps?
Blunt wraps are loosely rolled pieces of leaf/paper that are filled with marijuana flower and smoked. Traditional weed blunt wraps are tobacco leaves or, at the very least, are made from tobacco leaves – just like cigar wraps. It’s for that very reason that blunts are often referred to as “marijuana cigars” and why you’ll see smoking wraps advertised as “cigar blunt wraps” sometimes. But there are also a variety of other natural smoking wraps, the most common of which being hemp blunt wraps and palm leaf wraps.

Hemp and marijuana, the two variations of cannabis Sativa, are two peas in a pod. The majority of joint rolling papers have long been made from hemp paper, including the famous brand RAW’s unrefined hemp rolling papers and cones. Since hemp papers have long been so popular with cannabis consumers for joints, they were an obvious alternative choice to tobacco leaves as a blunt wrap material.

Hemp is so beloved for making various weed wraps because it tends to burn evenly and doesn’t disturb the flavors and aromas of marijuana flower. That is, however, unless they’re flavored hemp blunt wraps. We can’t stress it enough when we say that people LOVE flavored blunt wraps of any kind. As we’ve seen from the rise in popularity of flavored weed vape pens and edibles, that love of flavored weed is common.

That being said, there are plenty of people who want their cannabis to taste like cannabis and cannabis only, in which case unflavored hemp wraps are the best blunt wraps. Hemp is also the source of rich levels of CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid gaining attention alongside the psychoactive THC in marijuana. Unless a hemp wrap box specifies that they’re CBD hemp wraps, there won’t be any of that soothing cannabinoid in your blunt wrap. But if CBD is what you’re looking for, there are a variety of CBD blunt wraps out there that pack a calming, therapeutic punch.

Palm leaf wraps are also exceptionally popular with tokers – although they aren’t technically cannabis, they’re made from natural palm leaves and are constantly hailed as one of the best substitutes for ultra-classic tobacco leaf wraps. They burn evenly and leave the famous aromas and flavors of cannabis mostly untouched, resulting in wonderful smoking experiences.

What About Pre Rolled Blunt Cones?
Blunt pre rolled cones are similar to pre rolled cones for joints, but they’re designed to be larger and mimic the sweet flavors and aromas of tobacco cigar wraps. While the classic bulk blunt wraps are generally cylindrical, pre rolled blunt cones are formed into a taper cone shape with a filter in place at the smaller end. These are best suited for pre rolled blunt manufacturing since they can be placed in automatic filling machines, which fill dozens to hundreds of cones in short periods of time.

What Types Of Blunt Wraps Are Available?
There are numerous types of blunt wraps out there, including both tobacco/nicotine and non-tobacco/non-nicotine varieties. As we mentioned earlier, traditional, classic tobacco leaf blunt wraps were once commonplace and are still a major part of the cannabis industry. However, these days there are alternatives for those who want to move away from/don’t like tobacco/nicotine. Our entire collection of bulk blunt wraps is nicotine and tobacco-free, which makes them much more accessible to a wider demographic of cannabis smokers.

To sell tobacco, you need a special tobacco resale license that most dispensaries don’t have or aren’t allowed to obtain. States have varying laws on the use of tobacco and, more specifically, mixing tobacco with cannabis. You can read more about that here, but trust us when we say it can be a headache.

The good news is that hemp rillos (“rillos” being short for “cigarillos,” which are essentially small, thin versions of cigars that are commonly hollowed and used as weed wraps) is that they can be (and often are) made to smell and taste similar to tobacco cigar wraps. Plus, hemp leaf wraps make it possible for dispensaries to sell blunt wraps in their shop or even to make their own pre rolled blunts to sell. Plus, if you have them in your inventory, your store will come up when people search for “hemp wraps near me.”

Hemp Wraps
The most common alternative to tobacco is hemp blunt paper. The marijuana industry has a loving relationship with hemp in many forms, including hemp flower, hemp wick, hemp rolling papers, and now even hemp grinders (all but the first of which we carry in our e-commerce shop). Hemp flower is incredibly similar to marijuana flower – the main difference between the two is that marijuana is psychoactive and hemp is not. Hemp has also long been used as a fibrous and textile material, with hemp paper existing long before its now common role in the cannabis smoking world.

When it comes to hemp blunt wraps, there are a whole heck of a lot of options in our collection, and on the market in general. As we’ve mentioned, hemp is particularly popular as joint and blunt wrap material options because it’s also cannabis, just like marijuana. Many people think of hemp wraps as the best weed wraps for that reason – it doesn’t interfere with the flavors and aromas of the weed – in fact, it can actually enhance those things! That is, of course, unless someone is using one of the numerous flavored hemp wraps brands in our collection.

There are too many mouth watering flavored hemp wraps bulk options in our collection to list here, but we’ll list some of the most interesting, unique, and popular hemp blunt wraps below! High Hemp wraps, Twisted Hemp wraps, and Royal Blunts are some of our most popular, but every hemp wrap in our collection is a premium quality choice.

Original Flavor 100mm Organic Blunt Wraps by High Hemp – #1 Best Seller
Hubba Bubba 100mm Organic Blunt Wraps by High Hemp
Purple Grape 100mm XXL Hemp Wraps by Royal Blunts
Mango Papaya 100mm Hemp Leaf Wraps by Juicy
Black N’ Blueberry 100mm Hemp Leaf Wraps by Juicy
California Dream 100mm Hemp Blunts by Twisted Hemp
Palm Leaf Wraps
The other main type of weed wraps (in general and in our collection) are palm leaf wraps, made famous by the incredible brand King Palm. All of the palm leaf cigar wraps in our collection are King Palm, and they’re some of the very best blunt wraps you can possibly buy. We carry a range of their flavored palm leaf weed wraps as well as a few natural leaf varieties, including popular Super Slow burn options. The flavors we carry are:

Fruit Passion – Customer Favorite
Berry Terp
Banana Cream
Magic Mint
Watermelon Wave
CBD Wraps
CBD wraps are typically made from hemp and are infused with the soothing, non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is found in rich levels in mature hemp plants and most commercial CBD is extracted from various hemp strains. CBD hemp wraps filled with ground marijuana are a cannabis-lover’s dream.

CBD is an ultra-therapeutic and calming cannabis cannabinoid, hemp is cannabis, and marijuana is rich with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – a psychoactive agent that can induce euphoria, light-heartedness, sometimes sleepiness, sometimes alertness, and, famously, sometimes hunger. Both CBD and THC are hailed for their various pain-relieving qualities (hence why the medical marijuana and CBD/hemp markets are so large), which is why CBD-infused hemp blunts are popular with those who need a little mental and physical TLC. CBD blunt wraps are also a great way to wind down at the end of a long day since CBD and THC together can easily make people sleepy and relaxed.

We carry a range of hemp-based, CBD-infused bulk blunt wraps from Kong Wraps in various delicious flavors, including:

Wedding Cake
Kush Berry
Hippie Honey
Mango Tango
Grape Ape

Are Hemp Wraps More Healthy?
In short, yes – hemp cigar wraps are a healthier option than tobacco and nicotine smoke wraps. That being said, not all hemp pre rolled blunt wraps are created equal. But first, let’s briefly talk about why tobacco and tobacco leaf wrap blunt options can be extremely harmful to your health, even if the tobacco is “organic,” made for rolling your own, or homegrown.

It’s fairly common knowledge these days that cigarettes are, simply put, bad for you. Tobacco companies have been coming under fire for decades concerning the harmful additives and preservatives they use in their cigarettes, leading many tobacco enthusiasts to attempt to make a health-conscious change: rolling their own cigarettes. But, probably somewhat shockingly for most, homegrown and rolling tobacco is often just as harmful as pre rolled cigarettes, cigars, and cigarillo wraps. In some cases, it’s been found to be even more harmful than pre rolled cigarettes.

Since this is all common, widely accepted, and understood information, we won’t dwell on it. It’s up to each individual person how and what they choose to smoke. However, because of the state tobacco laws we mentioned in a previous section, many cannabis businesses are prohibited from selling tobacco in their shops. While that’s a bummer for old school tobacco lovers, hemp smoking wraps are an exceptional alternative that can easily mimic the flavors and aromas of classic tobacco cigar and cigarillo wraps.

Hemp wraps (and hemp flower itself) are generally organic per strict federal regulations, but not everyone follows those rules. When searching for natural hemp wraps, look for certified organic companies like High Hemp for the cleanest hemp blunt wraps. Hemp was made federally legal in 2018 thanks to a revision of the Farm Bill and part of the new provisions include strict farming and business practices that ensure better health standards for hemp than those for tobacco products.

King Palm’s Palm Leaf wraps and Camo Natural Leaf wraps are also a healthier alternative to tobacco smoke wraps. There are many natural leaf wrapper options, such as corn husks, in addition to palm leaves, but palm leaves have surged ahead of many of the other options. They burn slowly, hold up well, and are typically much cleaner and more natural than tobacco pre rolled blunt wraps.

Can I Use Blunt Wraps As CBD Wraps?
Yes! CBD-rich hemp flower is rapidly gaining popularity among a wide variety of demographics. There are many people who know of and want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the intoxicating effects of THC, and hemp flower makes that possible! Some CBD enthusiasts may be into tobacco and nicotine weed blunt wraps, which is totally up to them. But hemp and palm leaf pre rolled blunt wraps offer a non-addictive and far less harmful option for people.

CBD organic wraps, such as those from Kong Wraps, pair particularly well with CBD hemp flower, although it’ll almost surely be a knockout of a blunt. CBD is naturally soothing – sometimes to the point of being sedative, which is why many people utilize it as a natural sleep aid. If you wrap CBD hemp flower in CBD hemp wraps, you’re likely to be a little hazy for the rest of the day. Or, if you smoke the whole thing on your own, you may want to prepare for a nap.

If your goal is to smoke CBD hemp flower but not pass out on your couch, we recommend going with non-CBD bulk blunt wraps. Hemp and palm leaf wraps are some of the best blunt wraps out there for enjoying a clean, smooth, and (if you want) flavorful smoking experience.

Where To Buy Blunt Wraps Wholesale
We’re incredibly proud of our sprawling, nicotine and tobacco-free blunt wraps wholesale collection. With 74 products in the collection, including blunt rollers, blunt tips (filters), and more in addition to our numerous hemp and natural leaf wraps, we’re your one stop shop for cheap blunt wraps wholesale. But when we say “cheap,” we certainly don’t mean the quality of the brands we carry. We just mean that, thanks to our price beat guarantee, you’ll be getting the best prices in the industry.

The absolute best blunt wraps for weed are right here in our collection – we have something for every blunt smoker who’s actively trying to avoid tobacco and nicotine. As we mentioned earlier, there’s a large, large group of cannabis consumers who are borderline obsessed with trying different, exciting flavors in their cannabis routines. Our variously flavored hemp wraps bulk options are the perfect way to satiate their interests when they come into your dispensary or smoke shop.

For those who are dead set on enjoying the true flavors of unique cannabis strains, natural hemp and palm leaf blunt wraps are an incredible and natural option. Many people think the best hemp wraps are the original ones without any flavoring because it allows for the full enjoyment of the natural terpenes in their chosen weed, which can be very flavorful on their own. That being said, it’s best to stock both flavored and unflavored marijuana wraps to meet all of your customers’ varying expectations.

Cheap blunts wraps wholesale aren’t exactly difficult to come by, but when you buy a box of blunt wraps through us you can feel confident that you’re getting some of the top names in the industry. King Palm, High Hemp, Twisted Hemp, Kong Wraps, and more are some of the most advantageous marijuana and CBD blunt wraps we’ve ever come across and we’re proud to offer them to you at amazing rates.

Blunt Wraps – The Bottom Line
Blunts are an absolute staple in the cannabis industry but, just as weed itself and the public opinion of it have changed over the years, so have tobacco and people’s knowledge and feelings about it. Because of what we now know about the harmful ramifications of tobacco use, there has been a huge movement away from cigarettes and tobacco leaf marijuana wraps. Thanks to hemp and other natural leaves, though, blunts didn’t have to disappear completely.

Some of the very best blunt wraps these days are made from anything but tobacco. Hemp is a truly fantastic plant; it provides us with calming, restorative CBD and can be used to make a wide range of fibers like the best hemp wraps in our collection. Whether your customers are clamoring for CBD wraps, hemp wraps, palm leaf wraps, flavored or unflavored, there’s something for every blunt smoker in our shop.

While you’re looking through our bulk blunt wraps selection, feel free to peruse our blunt paper, rolling tray, glass tips/filters, and more! We have everything you need to complete your own collection of the best blunt rolling and smoking accessories. When people search “hemp wraps near me,” your fully loaded shop will be their #1 destination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blunt Wraps
Blunt VS Joint
Typically, joints are the small white or tan papers while blunts are bigger dark brown wraps. Joint papers are usually made from wood pulp, rice paper, hemp, or flax. Meanwhile, most blunts are made from tobacco leaves. However, more and more blunt wraps are starting to be made with hemp.

How To Roll A Wrap
First, grind up your flower and place it inside the wrap. Make sure the flower sits more to one side than the other. You can wet the side of the wrap farthest from the flower. Then, take the edge that’s closest to the flower and begin to roll it towards to edge you just moistened. Roll over the flower, encasing it as you would do to food inside a burrito. This should be done slowly, so that the flower does not fall out. Continue to roll until a long cylinder shape is formed. From there, just pack any recklessly abandoned flower back into the wrap and light it up!

What Are The Best Blunt Wraps
That all depends on your preference. Some people enjoy hemp wraps while others prefer tobacco ones. Then again, other consumers like CBD-infused wraps, or wraps that are coated in gold. We have all the options you can ever want at Marijuana Packaging.

What Are Hemp Wraps
Hemp wraps are simply blunt wraps that are made with hemp instead of tobacco leaves. Hemp wraps are gaining more popularity because they are healthier and some are even infused with CBD!

How To Smoke A Blunt
To smoke a blunt, all you need to do is light the wider end while inhaling from the tighter end. As the blunt ignites, turn off the lighter and shake the blunt mildly if a flame is still lit. There should only be a “cherried” or lit amber end, not a flame. Inhale slowly and take in the smoke. That’s it, you’re doing it! Now exhale, and repeat the breathing process. Light the blunt again if necessary.

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