Flavored Blunt Wraps
When it comes to the use of cannabis products, there are numerous ways consumers prefer and each individual has their preference. As a smoke shop with the target of maximum sales, it is paramount you offer your products in virtually all available means of consumption. Meanwhile, it is no news that most marijuana consumers prefer smoking their purchase. Flavored blunt wraps are very popular among these users.

It is important that you have flavored blunt wraps and new blunt flavors available for your online smoke shop consumers. Smokers are always looking for the best flavored blunt wraps or best blunt flavors on the market. Also, as the nation becomes more health-conscious, some consumers are venturing away from flavored tobacco wraps. Instead, they are opting for hemp-made options.

Hemp made flavored cigar wraps are growing in popularity, and we have tons of them here at Marijuana Packaging. However, whether you are looking for flavored tobacco wraps or hemp made flavored cigar wraps in bulk, we have all the options for you!

What Are Flavored Blunt Wraps?
A study report published in 2020 noted that a third of weed consumers smoke their marijuana using blunt wraps. Blunt papers are used for rolling blunts of weed. They usually come in sealed packages to retain their freshness. These flavored rolling papers can however provide different tastes and aromas for the customer to enjoy during consumption. While we are discussing flavor blunt wraps, we must clarify some things.

The Difference Between Spliffs, Joints, & Blunts

Three words are very common among smokers in the cannabis community ― spliff, joint, and blunt. These three words are interchangeably used, but they are quite different. It is also worthy to note that cannabis vocabulary might vary from region to region ― don’t be surprised when you hear any of these words in certain smoke shops more than others.

Spliff: This is also called a cannabis cigarette. That is because it is a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. Spliff smokers usually use a high proportion of marijuana compared to tobacco.

Joints: These are made from pure marijuana flower rolled in a joint paper. Joints often feature a filter that enhances their stability; allowing smokers to burn them to the end without burning their fingertips. Joint papers are typically made from hemp or rice.

Blunts: Just like joints, blunts are rolled with pure marijuana flower. However, the difference comes from the rolling papers that are used. The exterior is the main difference between a blunt and a joint. Joints are wrapped with hemp or rice papers (or sometimes rice straw or flax) while blunts are wrapped with either tobacco or hemp paper that is made to look like a tobacco or cigar leaf. Due to some health concerns with the use of tobacco blunt wraps, hemp wraps are recommended.

Crazy blunt wrap flavors enjoyed by your customers are dependent on your choice of blunt wrap. Hemp blunt wraps can be customized to achieve the flavor you desire for your brand by choosing the right and perfect strain.

DIY Blunts Are Out, Blunt Wraps Are In!
You might be considering DIY (Do It Yourself) crazy blunt wrap flavors methods. The advice we have for you is, STOP. Don’t go that lane.

Most DIYs methods require the consumer to knock out tobacco from a cigar and replace it with weed. These wrappers, when unrolled, are highly likely to be brittle and could break while being filled by cannabis flower.

Aside from this, the tobacco flavor may also leave unpleasant tastes in your mouth. Sometimes, spare tobacco pieces even remain inside the emptied cigar.

That is why the use of flavored blunt wraps made from hemp or other cannabis products is preferable.

What Different Blunt Flavors Are Available?
The type of blunt wrap paper used by an online head shop is usually preempted by the kind of flavor experience envisioned for customers.

Some of the most popular brands are Crop Kingz, High Hemp, Royal Blunts, Twisted Hemp, King Palm, and Kong Wraps.

Below are different blunt paper types available for wholesale smoke shop purchases:

Crop Kingz
These organic flavored blunt wraps are made in America. No expertise is required to seal them up as they come with a self-sealing glue strip. With these blunt wraps, your product can be guaranteed a long shelf life.

Some of these blunt paper flavors include:

Home Grown
Irish Cream
Jungle Juice
Thug Passion
Brass Monkey
Kong Wraps
This brand takes its production a step further by making its flavored blunt wraps from CBD-infused hemp products.

Available Kong Wraps blunt paper flavors include:

Kush Berry
Mango Tango
Grape Ape
Hippy Honey
High Hemp
These blunt wraps are made from materials that are 100% organic hemp, with no fear of GMO contamination. For optimal enjoyment for smokers, it comes with a filter tip.

Available High Hemp wraps flavors include:

Honey Pot
Pineapple Paradise
Hubba Bubba
Grape Ape
Royal Blunts
These food flavored blunt wraps feature an innovative development that allows the wrap to easily bend and fold as you wish. No fear of breaking or cracking. Great for smokers in the happy-go-lucky mood.

Available Royal blunt paper flavors include:

Purple Grape
Wet Mango
Twisted Hemp Wraps
You can never go wrong with this pure hemp wrap. The slow burning property of hemp will afford customers enough time to enjoy their marijuana for recreational use.

Available Twisted Hemp blunt paper flavors include:

Grape Burst
Tropical Breeze
California Dream
Plain Jane
Endless Summer
Berry Terp
Banana Cream
Other popular blunt flavors with fantastic wrap flavors include:

King Palm, Camo natural leaf wraps, Cyclones, Juicy, and King Pin.

Does My Business Need Flavored Blunt Wraps?
Before placing an order for best tasting blunt wraps for the sake of just trying it out ― in as much as this is a good step, it is important you know the use of any of the best blunt flavors.

The best blunt flavors are sought after by cannabis smokers. You want to make sure you have a variety of options for them to choose from. The use of blunt paper for your recreational dispensary products permits specificity. This means you may decide to sell more than one of the different best tasting blunt wraps at the same time.

Customer Experience
The best testimony your brand could get is that of word-of-mouth referral. This can only be given by a customer who is maximally satisfied with your products. Offering the best flavored cigar wraps will have customers coming back.

Shelf Life
Best flavored blunt wraps are not designed for the sole purpose of offering fine flavor. They are also made to last. Flavored blunts wraps are packaged so that they don’t get dry and brittle quickly.

*Health Concerns
There are worries in the cannabis industry in regard to the health safety of flavored tobacco wraps. However, so far, the use of hemp-based blunt wraps has not received the same amount of scrutiny.

Hand Rolling Vs Machine Rolling
The best flavored blunt wraps such as the Crop Kingz comes with a self-sealing feature. This makes them a lot easier to hand roll. For large scale manufacturing, you may want to consider machine rolling.

Where To Buy Flavored Blunt Wraps Wholesale
When buying flavored blunt wraps from any wholesale packaging company, always ensure they are licensed distributors of the brand. This signifies they only sell the original and are more likely to offer their flavored blunt wraps sale at the best price.

Also, check for their customers’ testimonials to assess their reliability and authenticity. You don’t want to order your flavored blunt wraps wholesale at the start of a month and only have it delivered about a month later (if at all it gets delivered).

Online smoke shops can easily purchase flavored blunt wraps wholesale from Marijuana Packaging from anywhere. Unlike flavored blunt wraps sale in brick-and-mortars, ordering from Marijuana Packaging offers both comfort and varieties.

Flavored Blunt Wraps – The Bottom Line
Your business needs flavored blunts wraps, period. They are all the rage, and we even offer hemp options for those who prefer to stay away from cannabis. If you are looking for something that offers customers a little more convenience, check out our pre rolled cones!

Frequently Asked Questions About Flavored Blunt Wraps
How Are Blunt Wraps Flavored?
There are different methods used to add flavor to blunt wraps. In most cases, the leaves are hung in curing rooms and sprayed with the flavor that is being used. The flavor can come from organic options or synthetic sweeteners. However, the FDA has moved to ban all flavored tobacco wraps and cigars.

What Are Flavored Blunt Wraps Made Of?
Flavored blunt wraps are usually made out of tobacco leaves or hemp. The tobacco options will have trace amounts of nicotine in them.

What Is The Best Blunt Wrap Flavor?

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