FUTUROLA | King Size Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones | 109mm – Blunt Paper – 400 Count


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Futurola is a well-respected and leading brand in the cannabis industry. They produce high-quality marijuana products that are extremely popular and trusted. Their pre-roll blunt wraps are no different!
These cone blunt wraps are King Size, which is 109mm. The cone tip is 26mm, allowing for a wide opening that makes it easy to pack cannabis inside. A box of the Futurola blunt cones has 400 units, split into four humidity-controlled packages of 100 cones. Each package is sealed to protect freshness and taste.
Futurola Blunt Cones v.s. Tobacco-Leaf Blunt Cones
Typically a blunt is a cigar that has marijuana in it instead of tobacco. Blunts are wrapped with a tobacco leaf and have a stronger rich, robust flavor than joints wrapped with rolling paper. The problem with tobacco-leaf wraps is that they contain harmful toxins. While there is no tobacco inside, the leaf wrap itself contains toxins created during the fermentation process; this includes cancer-causing nitrosamines. Tobacco-leaf blunt cones are more absorbent than rolling papers. Anyone who has lit up a blunt knows how hard it can be to get the wrap to burn and the difficulty of getting it to burn evenly. The porousness creates less complete burning, which leads to more toxic smoke. Health-conscious cannabis consumers who do not like to ingest any nicotine and similar chemicals usually avoid blunt cones.
Luckily, Futurola cones are here to solve that problem! These cones are made from organic Arabic gum from acacia trees. Therefore, the wraps are tobacco and nicotine-free–great news for you! The gum-made cones still contain the delicious scent and taste you know and love, so you do not have to compromise the standard blunt experience. The Futurola cones are handcrafted with the thinnest and highest quality rolling paper; this eliminates the pesky burning problem typical blunt wraps have.
Why You Need Futurola Blunt Cones
You need to experience everything the Futurola blunt cones have to offer! Besides the fact you can experience nicotine and tobacco-free blunts, there are several other reasons you are bound to love these cones.
The King Size pre-roll blunt wraps are the perfect size for avid cannabis users. A King Size blunt wrap can typically hold the same amount of weed as six joints–these cones can pack a punch. When you buy the pack of 400, you are getting quality blunt wraps at an affordable price that will last you a long time; this saves you money in the long run.
The versatility of the cones means that you can use them however you would like! The blunt cones are a must-have for both the blunt connoisseurs who love to puff-puff-pass in a smoke circle and the hard-core marijuana consumers who want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a leisurely blunt at the end of their day. Whatever your smoking vibe, these pre-rolled cones will fit your needs!
Futurola pre-roll cones are also an excellent choice for your business! Dispensaries can offer pre-rolls that the company fills themselves, and these blunt cones are great to do that with! Using these cones will attract customers that value high-end blunt papers and are sure to be a hit at your business. The affordable price point of these blunt cones also ensures your business will keep your bottom line right where you want it while offering pre-rolls at competitive retail rates!
The pre-rolled blunt cones are compatible with the Futurola Knockbox 3. The industry-disrupting Futurola Knockbox garnered huge popularity as one the first commercial automatic joint rollers; now, the Futurola Knockbox 3 can easily allow dispensaries to fill 100 pre rolled cones in 2 minutes flat. With a complete product line of Futurola Shredders, it has never been easier to grind flower in bulk to produce a high volume of marijuana joints in a short amount of time. If there ever was a perfect love triangle between three items, it would be between the Futurola Knockbox, a Futurola Shredder, and Futurola cones.
Don’t forget that if you choose to carry these incredible Futurola cones, you have the option to customize them. Custom cones can include a sticker logo, custom packaging, custom rolling tools, and much more. We are here to help; if your business wants to utilize the fantastic customization tool.
Whether for personal or business use, these Futurola King Size cones will be a purchase you will not regret! The benefits of these cones will have you coming back for more whenever you want to enjoy a fat blunt.
400 units per box
Size: 109mm – King Size
Tip Length: 26mm
Paper tip included
Packaged for retail
⚠️ CA PROP 65 : WARNINGCancer and Reproduction Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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