TWISTED HEMP | ‘Retail Display’ Blunt Wraps | 100mm – California Dream – 15 Count


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Twisted Hemp wraps is a brand that has become widely popular in the cannabis industry. Over the years, the marijuana sector has evolved to become very lucrative, even surpassing the alcohol industry in some states. Companies are becoming more creative, making products that appeal to most cannabis consumers. The growing competition in the marketplace has primarily contributed to the move.
One of the best flavors of Twisted Hemp Wraps is the California Dream.
What Are Twisted Hemp Wraps?
Hemp wrap is a leaf of paper made from hemp that is designed to roll or wrap cannabis into smoking joints. In essence, there are mainly two types of Twisted Hemp wraps available in the market. The flat paper sheet is the first type, which looks similar to a rolling paper or blunt wrap.
The second one is the pre-rolled hemp wrap, which eases the process and time to prepare smoking joints. Hemp wraps have been around for many years but have become popularized by various online smoke shops.
Rolling a hemp wrap is relatively easy. Still, there’s always an option of using pre-roll Twisted Hemp wraps for those who don’t want the hassle of rolling joints.
As one of the leading brands of hemp wraps, Twisted Hemp provides high quality flavored wraps!
Why Are Twisted Hemp Wraps Popular?
Even though cannabis can be used in various ways, many consumers prefer to use hemp wraps. This is because Twisted Hemp provides numerous benefits compared to ordinary joint wraps. Here are some advantages of using hemp wraps.
Organic: Nowadays, smokers are more aware of the harmful chemicals present in rolling papers or wraps. Many are now opting for Twisted Hemp since they are pure organic wraps and do not contain added adhesive or toxic ingredients. Therefore, they are more suited for users who are more concerned about their health.
They Are Tobacco-Free: A large percentage of rolling papers contain nicotine. With the rise of Twisted Hemp, which is organic, it has become easier for consumers to find safer products in the market. Since they are nicotine free, they have become the go-to products for non-tobacco smokers.
Exceptional Flavors: Hemp wraps are available in various flavors. Twisted Hemp California Dream is one of the most popular flavors available on our online wholesale store. The 100mm long California Dream flavor burns slow and consistently. There are 15 counts per box, which works perfectly for retail displays.
Purchasing Twisted Hemp California Dream Wraps
The best place to purchase Twisted Hemp Wraps is right here at Marijuana Packaging. Not only will you find quality products, but Marijuana Packaging also has unbeatable prices.
Numerous wholesale stores sell Twisted Hemp Wraps. However, you should always ensure that you purchase Twisted Hemp California Dream from a reputable store to avoid jeopardizing your business.
We have a plethora of hemp wraps and other packaging items. Be sure to visit our store when you want to purchase Twisted Hemp or any other hemp flavors in bulk.
15 packs per box
4 wraps per pack
Brand: Twisted Hemp
Flavor: California Dream
⚠️ CA PROP 65 : WARNINGCancer and Reproduction Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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